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Reception Furniture: Reception Stools

Mojo Stools Group

Dot Stool
Dot Stool
From £134

Dash Stool
Dash Stool
From £141

Pledge Box Cube Stool With Wooden Feet

Pledge Box Round Stool With Wooden Feet

Summit Skittle Round Stool

Summit Skittle Cube Stool

Summit Skittle Trapezoidal Stool

Nomique Chicago Round Mobile Stool

Nomique Chicago Square Mobile Stool

Summit Skittle Modular Round Stools

BN Studio Leather Stool

BN Studio Fabric Stool

Summit Skittle Rectangular Stool

Summit Skittle Square Stool

Casino Circular Stools Configuration

Casino Circular Stools Configuration

Kubik Fabric Modular Reception Seating

Kubik Fabric Reception Stools

Nomique Chicago Modular 1 Seater Reception Stool

Boss Design Magic Stool

Nomique Chicago 2 Seater Bench

Lyndon Design Teal Two Seat Bench

Nomique Chicago Modular 2 Seater Reception Bench

Lyndon Design Teal Curved Stool

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